Printer And Copier Preventive Maintenance Services

Printer And Copier Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance is an important aspect of making sure your Printing machines are operating at its greatest potential. Preventative maintenance keeps the printer running at its greatest potential and optimal quality. Performing a maintenance check every month will extend the life of the Printer or Copier and give the user the satisfaction that the machine will work on demand when it is called upon.

Most Companies choose to use one of our service contracts options due to attractive prices, on-time services, and pioneers in the field of IT maintenance services with qualified technicians and engineers. Our service engineers will explain the basics of proper usage and maintenance to the end user to perform checks on the machine when a problem occurs. Without appropriate care, problems such as paper jams, poor imaging, and leaking toner or ink can occur which can destroy a machine. Dusty work environments are the main cause of machine problems but with proper care, the life of the printer can be prolonged to exceed expectations.

We provide maintenance services for all types of Laser printers, Photocopiers, Plotters (wide format printers), Dot matrix Printers, and Thermal Printers including HP, Samsung, Canon, Xerox, Panasonic, Dell, Lexmark, Xerox, Zebra, Oki, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Toshiba etc.

Preventive Maintenance Service For Laser Printer And Copier Products

Laser printers and Copiers are the most popular type of printer for both private and business purposes. They can produce thousands of printouts from one toner cartridge, making them time and cost-efficient printing powerhouses.

Preventative maintenance for Laser printers and Copiers is even more important than for other types of machines. A laser printer or copier typically prints more pages per minute and has more moving parts. The maintenance process involves much more detail as the paper feeding assemblies and fuser units all need to be thoroughly inspected.

When your laser printer breaks down, you need a technician onsite quickly to assess and fix the printer problem. If you call us early in the morning, we will fast-track you and make it a priority to get a laser printer expert with you within a few hours.

Preventive Maintenance Service For HP Designjet Products

Singprolanka , we know that printer downtime is simply not an option. To avoid such situation, you need to make sure your HP DesignJet printer is maintained in the best possible shape to ensure business critical performance. your HP DesignJet printer also needs proper maintenance to keep it operating at optimal speed and quality Like any car that requires routine check-ups and preventive tune-ups to run smoothly.

By maintaining your printing equipment in top condition, you can minimize unexpected downtime and maximize printing performance, quality, and consistency. With Singprolanka Preventive Maintenance Service, an HP-trained technician conducts a full health check to make sure all the parts and mechanisms of your HP DesignJet equipment are in proper condition. When you depend on an expert to check, clean, and update your HP DesignJet equipment, you can focus on your core business with confidence that your HP DesignJet product will perform as you need it, when you need it.


Service Description

Singprolanka Preventive Maintenance Service is a comprehensive, single-event support solution that helps reduce equipment downtime and maintain the quality of printed and scanned images. The preventive assistance is performed by Industry trained technicians in a single visit, upon your request. It includes a comprehensive check of the printer’s functions and parts, verification of self-test and printing, cleaning of the exterior and interior parts, recommendations for preemptive replacement of worn-out parts, and installation of applicable engineering improvements and firmware as needed. Singprolanka Preventive Maintenance Service includes:

  • Functional verification of the printer
  • Printer self-test
  • Key panel function test
  • Print test

  • Removal of debris such as paper dust and toner or ink residues from within the print mechanism
  • Cleaning of the printer case parts
  • Cleaning of the paper path
  • Recommendations for the replacement of standard wear-and-tear components
    (possible part replacement not included with this service, needs to be ordered separately)

  • Check firmware and install upgrades as needed

  • Impressive results: Fast, efficient, cost‑effective, single-event preventive maintenance conserves your staff resources and time for other important functions.
  • Minimum disruption: Singprotech technicians are trained to help keep preventive maintenance activities from impacting your business operations.
  • Quality performance: A Singprotech technician makes sure your printer is clean, maintained and updated, ready for the continued effective operation
Annual Service Contracts (AMC)
Why is AMC beneficial to any business?

There is no guarantee that machines might work efficiently and as expected, whether old or new.

  • For business firms, time is money. It is vital to be on time, in this digital era, as only the fittest and  finest can survive
  • For a business to function, it requires man and machines working in perfect synchronization.
  • However, when machines slow down or break down, it affects productivity and performance.
Benefits Of An AMC Contract To Your Business

The point on why AMC is the best way to manage your office equipment such as computers, laptops, printers, copiers, scanners, and other equipment

  • Routine checkups and maintenance services at the customer’s place
  • We offer annual maintenance contracts that cover the customer’s printer and copier spare parts in case of any faults.
  • Save time by swiftly repairing customers’ machines with the shortest possible resolution time for any faults.
  • Conditioning machines for any technical issues and slowdowns
  • On site repair and maintenance
  • Available on call and onsite support 24/7

Maintenance Agreement Contract (AMC) customers are given priority on all service calls. Our Service technicians will attend your place of business the same day to have your machine serviced and repaired with minimal downtime.

Preventative Maintenance Service Programs, Service Contracts and Breakdown Repairs are available on a wide range of Printers and Photocopiers.

Service agreements are a good option for those with higher print volumes and who cannot afford any printer downtime. Customers who choose a service agreement benefit from fixed repair costs, fast response times, and on-loan printers. Combined with an affordable annual, quarterly, or monthly payment, our Service Agreements are the most popular and affordable service offering.

Cost-effective packages with offers and discounts according to customer’s requirements.

Annual Maintenance Contract Without Spare Parts

This AMC will be covered routine preventive maintenance whereby our service engineers will check and service your equipment once every three months once signing the agreement.

You have the option to report or log an unlimited number of calls or complaints with to Helpdesk and we will send you qualified service engineers within 2-4 working hours. Under the AMC contract, all labour service-related costs for your office equipment will be offered free of charge. Any spare parts/consumables which need to be replaced will be invoiced separately with preferential rates.

The duration of this AMC is one year and can be renewed after the completion of the agreement.

Annual Maintenance Contract With Spare Parts

The AMC with parts contract is like the above contract except that it also includes free replacement of all spare parts except Consumables such as Toner / Ink / Ribbon cartridges and items which have a rated life such as the Drum kits, Fixing Assemblies, Developer kits etc. and will be charged separately.

Our AMC, which include spare parts assume fair usage and care of the machine. Any parts damaged due to tampering, misuse, negligence, fire, Lighting, damaged by rodents, etc. will not be covered under this contract.

The duration of this AMC is one year and can be renewed after the completion of the agreement.

Total Printer Care System With Consumables
What do you get when you use our Printer Care System?

If printing is a core of your business, then improving its efficiency with our complete Printer Care System makes sense. Especially as we are focused on simplifying the process of printer maintenance, consumable supply, and print quality improvement. Combining these elements would be of vital importance in running your printing business with peace of mind. Regardless of whether you do Office documents printing or other printing. Therefore, avoid unexpected problems and get your printing running with minimal disruptions. Remember, we are the complete solution provider for all your printing needs.

We offer a simplified solution to you with our contract agreement to keep your business going :

  1. We provide regular quarterly maintenance to protect your printer investment by maximizing its  uptime
  2. You get preferential service call when needed
  3. We calibrate your printers, monitors and build ICC profiles to get your prints to accurately match the customer’s image
  4. We supply you with inks and inkjet printing media with competitive pricing